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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Ok since I was probably about 13 years old I ALWAYS used a scale atleast twice a week if not more, especially when I was dieting. Well now that I just had foot surgery I realized that it is going to be almost impossible for me to weigh myself for FOUR WEEKS!!! AH! At first I was upset by this and a little scared because I think that if I don't know my exact number that it won't change. Then I realized that this could be a really exciting time. In four weeks if I keep to my normal goal and plan, I will have lost atleast 8 pounds. That would be so exciting to walk on to the scale and see. My resting metabolic rate is somewhere around 1800...this means doing almost nothing I burn that many calories in one day. So since I literally am doing NOTHING right now but laying on a couch, I've been aiming for 800-1000 calories a day. This will give me a deficit of 800-1000 calories a day...meaning about 2 pounds of weight loss a week (3500 calories= 1 lbs). Now once I'm not crying in pain everytime I move I will do arm exercises and anything else I can think of. When I set a calorie goal of 800 I started to freak out! How in the world could I stay satisfied with that little calories...EASY. It's day two of that calorie goal and I haven't been "starving" yet. I eat about 150 calories for breakfast, 300 calories for lunch, and 300 calories for dinner, leaving me about 50 calories (grapes) for a snack. I'm really surprised at how easy this has been! I've been worrying for months that I would put a ton of hard work into working out and weight loss and then go right back during the surgery...but it looks like the opposite is going to happen! yay!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Today was the day of my surgery! It went much better than expected. So far no major pain just some discomfort. The worst part is not being able to move. Over the past week I've been walking/jogging/running 3-5 miles every day and so my body doesn't do well laying on a couch right now. I've lost about 6 pounds in the last two weeks which is 8% of my goal so I'm psyched about that! In order to maintain or lose til I'm released I'm going to have to be hard core about my diet. Luckily I can't eat out or heck barely get to the kitchen so my mom will be able to control what I eat. I also brought home weights to work my arms out and I'm going to try and do sit ups or whatever I can. I'm really worried because I won't be able to consume as many calories because I'm not burning as many. WE are doing what is called a Success Club Team Challenge for Beachbody too so I'm trying to expand my business massively in the next two months! I just love helping other people reach their goals. This isn't about money to me, its about helping them reach healthy goals to better their lifes. Well this is short because I'm on Vicodin and I can barely focus.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Work and Super Saturday

So I'm in my last two shifts of work at the Fairfield. It's not bitter's just sweet. I honestly feel so much negative energy when I walk in this place that I just want to leave. Negative energy is not what I need right now. So even though in the next 20 hours I will be working 14 of them, I'm celebrating because I know its the end of a very unpleasant journey. I know a job has to be bad when even my ex tells me I should just not show up because of all the crap they've put me through. He is usually the one saying its not that bad and I should just suck it up. Well anyways enough about the old job and on to the new or more like more full time job. I work at the YMCA in Decatur. It started off as just 8 hours a week in the beginning and I loved the positive energy and the fact that I was helping others reach their goals that I asked for more hours. Now I also work the front desk so I get to meet the members more personally and get to be so positive while I am there. I love the people that I work with too. I think that I have found as a general rule that people who work out have a more positive energy. They have something that they look forward to or at least they have goals in life. I had an extremely busy day today. It started off at 5 am and will last til I jump in bed probably around midnight tonight. I had Come Together, Let's Walk which is our local version of Race for the Cure this morning. My mom is a 2 year survivor of breast cancer and my aunt is a survivor as well. It was a great walk and its always emotional to see all the survivors and the people supporting them! Then I had to rush to meet a friend and drive to Normal, IL for the BeachBody Super Saturday event. This is an event held by local coaches and supported by BeachBody once a quarter. It's an opportunity to share the business and success stories with friends and family, as well as a learning opportunity for existing coaches. You also get to sample shakeology and there is a free workout (I've never had a workout like this!). This Super Saturday was focused around a recap of Summit which is our cooperate event held once a year and is huge! You get to workout with the trainers, shop, meet other coaches, and get to hear first hand about the new things coming for BeachBody! I'm so upset that I missed this year but I was one of the first to purchase my ticket for next year because I won't miss it for anything. The meeting was great and learned a lot about new things coming out. Then came the workout! Mark Briggs leads our workouts, he is a retired cop and a beast lol. He travels around the world with the creator of P90X and does Military trainings and infomercials. Well last year during this "fun" workout he made a girl pass out, so needless to say I was a little scared of what was to come. My great friend and coach, Lauren Knight was there and just having her perfect body in front of me kept me going. It was a brutual workout, moves I didn't think were possible! But I finished (had to modify and slow down at points but I pulled through). You know what? I thought I was going to be exhausted and suffer through my shift, but the workout actually gave me energy! I feel more energitic than I do on a normal day! And I love the feeling after working out....its like a great feeling radiating through your muscles and you feel better about your body! Thats why I want to help other people workout and achieve their goals, cause the feeling is something you can't get elsewhere! Now I wish I had time for my Shakeology today, but I guess I'll have to double up tomorrow! Something I don't have a problem with!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Breakdown Breakthrough

I'm a firm believer that some people just need to breakdown before they can breakthrough. For other's this can drive them insane...they want to help people but they can't til they realize they need their help and are at their bottom. I didn't think I really was near a bottom, didn't see an area where I was completely messed up. Boy was I wrong. Yesterday I broke down. I went to the doctor and stepped on the scale...I hadn't seen that number since pregnancy. Grant it I just had ate lunch and am probably bloated, but still I shouldn't even be close to that. What frustrated me the most is that I tried so hard for the past week to lose weight...I lost 6 pounds but it didn't feel like it at that moment. To make matters worse my Aunt is my nurse so now she knows exactly my weight. She does know though that it was the steroids and stress that got me to where I am, but still it sucks to put it nicely. So needless to say I've watched every drop that's gone in my mouth since then. I've tried something new too, running. I was never a runner, asthma made sure of that. I've learned how to thought with my breathing. Sadly this new love will have to be put on hold for two months come Wednesday when I'm stuck on my butt after my surgery. That's why I have to work really hard to get my nutrition in check that whole time! On top of that the stress of not seeing my daughter alot lately due to her Dad taking her three weeks in a row, financial hardship due to vacation and now surgery with an unexpected phone purchase, I just lost it and unfortunately on my mom. Hopefully this busy weekend will help me get some stress out and be able to keep my mind off everything else. My last weekend working at the hotel too which is a unstressed and a stress. I'm glad to be gone because I'm not a fan of the job at all, but I will miss the money side of it, not like its a ton though! Well please comment, message, fb, twitter, anything and let me know if you need motivation or anything...I like to have friends in this journey!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

and 5 days later...

Wow I can't believe I haven't posted in 5 days! It was a crazy weekend and I was sick for most of it! I'm in love with this new bodybugg system! I think I do more during the day just because I can't wait to see my deficit at night! Saturday was kinda rough, I went to see my ex, and the nurse mentioned the other girl and I blew up, I hate being reminded that I'm not his anymore. But, I can still be his friend to the best of my ability through this rough time for him, he doesn't need me freaking out on him and leaving his side completely right now. So I'm biting my lip and just remembering what I do have...a loving family, daughter, Beachbody family, my health back slowly but surely, a job or two lol, and almost a bachelor's degree with almost NO debt! No to my diet and weightloss. I found that weekends are my hardest. I'm not at home as much because of work and family stuff. I also went out on Saturday night and learned that alcohol calories can add up fast! Luckily I didn't binge eat too! I'm down 4-5lbs now since last Wednesday! I love to see progress! I also measured today and I've lost about 5 inches. I've been sick for the past few days so my eating pattern has been off and not as much physical activity which has brought down my calorie burn. I did run tonight which felt amazing! I did about 2 miles in 30 minutes...not the best but I was pushing a 35 lb kid in a heavy stroller and had to stop a few times thanks to a phone call and some nasty bugs attacking me and Bailey. According to my Bodybugg I was burning about 9cal/min though and I'm pretty happy about that! My BeachBody business is booming as well! I'm so excited to see people wanting to get serious about their health and weight loss! I'm not in this biz for the money...I'm in it to help my friends see the benefit of these products like I have! Money is always an issue for my friends and I can understand because I was there at one point too. I had to tell myself that my health was more important than my caramel macchiato and suck it up and make some financial adjustments! My health needed it too! I wasn't going to be found in a coma from low blood sugar, or overweight just because of a hormone imbalance, and I wasn't going to have my arthritis get worse because of the excess weight I was carrying around. I decided to join BeachBody because it is my family. The most important thing in life is to surround yourself with like-minded people. So I joined a group on the journey to be at their healthiest and happiest! They keep me in line and accountable and I couldn't ask for better friends! Wanna join me with them in Vegas next summer?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Calorie Intake Goal

Ok so I've been a yo-yo dieter for YEARS...pretty much from when I was 12 on...thats ten years of dieting ugh! Even in those ten years I think almost every day of dieting I cheated atleast once...a fudge piece here, chips there...and so on. Well today I can say that I recorded EVERYTHING I ate and I am in my calorie goal! You have no idea how excited I am! It gives me hope that this can continue and I can reach my weightloss goal! I can't wait to be under a size 8...something I have never fit into in my life...ok I might have been able to when I was 4 and was a twig (another only time in my life I could say that). What started me on this goal path you may ask? A fellow BeachBody Coach Tarah Carr. I have never had the chance to meet Tarah before but she is a coach under my coach Lauren Knight. This year she qualified as a contestant for the Million Dollar Beach Body Challenge. She went from a size 14 to a size 4 in 120 days. I was blown away. Then I got to thinking, she is no miracle, she put the concept of mutrition and fitness together to reach her goals. I knew that now I saw someone, like me (I'll explain just how), who reached the goal I wanted to achieve. Tarah isn't a single mom like me, but in essence she is. Her husband is in the military and was gone the whole 120 days she went through her transformation. I'm a single mom with 3 jobs (Beachbody and two others) and I'm also a full time student. I use this as my excuse a great deal of the time. I say I don't have time to workout or that I'm so drained by the time I get home that I just don't have the energy left. So I sat down and create a schedule for everyday of the week. I SCHEDULE my workouts. If I'm having a busy day I put it in the morning or afternoon so I am not too tired when it comes time. If I literally don't think I can workout with out sacrificing my sleep time down to 6 hours or less, I incooperate my workout into my daily tasks...ex: pushups while waiting for laundry at work, doing a workout with a client during PT job, standing and walking during front desk, lifting weights while reading my HW, or squating while folding laundry. Small things all day long that can add up to a calorie burn equal to a 30-45 minute workout. So the next time you think you don't have time to workout, try being in my shoes lol. So please help encourage me on this journey because I'm going to need it on the days that all I want to do is go to bed, or read a book, or actually watch the cable that I for some reason still pay for!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Ok so I got a BodyBugg back on my birthday in October. I got it on ebay and couldn't get it to work online and I've procrastinated about calling the company to figure it out until today. So i got it figured out and all set up today and I must say...I love it! I can barely tell its on me and the online program is so helpful! So far all of the foods I have put in there have been in their database. It breaks down all my meals, my goals, my nutrition plan, and I get to plug it in every night and see how many calories I have burned. I also did wonderful on my nutrition today. Instead of eating huge meals I snacked on fruits, cheese, and nuts along with some other healthy foods all day and I stayed satisfied in my calorie limit! Also I've been using gum to curve my appetite when I know its just boredum or something else. Having all my vegetables and fruits ready to go at all times really helps! I'm so glad I spent a few extra bucks to get better foods for my body! Can't wait to try some new foods tomorrow that I bought! Of course Shakeology is still my favorite meal of the day :-)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Set Backs and accomplisments

I am really trying lately not to focus on the road blocks I run into in life but to see the opportunities that are available to me. Last night my air went out and my arthritis flared up. I was in no condition to workout at all and I was so depressed! I was so ready to get back on the bandwagon after vacation and then I hit a road block. So instead of spending today sulking I used the extra time to work on my personal development and wow did that make my day better! I had such a great time at WORK!!! because I smiled, genuinely listened to people, made a positive out of every situation, and made a point to see the good in people. Then after I got to spend an enjoyable time with my daughter and was able to focus on her. After she left for her nap I went grocery shopping. Usually I hate this but I decided that since with my physical conditions exercise couldn't be a guarenteed consistency in my life, but nutrition could be. So I focused on the perimeter theory of shopping. This means that the best foods for you are usually on the perimeter of the story. Now you have to be smart about this because obviously the bakery, liquor, and processed meats section is not the cream of the crop, but fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, protein, and more are always found on the perimeter and not in the aisle. Now I am a single mom with four jobs and a full time student so I did grab a few frozen veggies and 1-2 meals for my busy days but mostly my cart was full of fresh fruits and vegetables and other goodies. A few finds are as follows: use hummus instead of cheese or mayo on your sandwiches and you can save 50-100 calories. Greek Yogurt is so much better for you and thicker so can be used to replace other additives. Grapes can be frozen for a sweet snack. Grape tomatoes with a little sea salt and EVO Oil taste delicious! Egg whites with turkey bacon make the most filling and energizing breakfast (besides Shakeology!). I love my fridge now and I can't wait to make all of the foods I've planned!

Monday, June 13, 2011


I'm home at last! Sorry I didn't have internet at our house in Alabama so I wasn't able to post except from my phone and that is super time consuming! But I'm back and ready to tackle this. I haven't gotten on the scale yet since we got back but I feel like I atleast maintained. I did great until the last few days! I got into the mind set that I only get to eat these foods once a year which is true but was it worth not losing the 1-2 pounds I could have last week? No...also my foot injury set me back. Today I start up again with Mrs. Chalene and I'm so looking forward to it! I have my goals posted all over the house so I am constantly reminded of what I'mk aiming for. Plus it helps to see my goals as I'm reaching for the fridge or pantry. Another part of this journey is getting to a better state of mind. I do this by reading Personal Development books. It makes you have a new perspective on life and keeps me in check when my mood gets it is today. Every time I've started the car today Eli Young Band's "Crazy Girl" has been on. It makes me miss getting the butterflies in my stomach and having someone to hold me. Then again when would I have time...I mean I know I would but it would be busy life again. It was easy with Erik becuase we lived together so I didn't have to rush home to get Bailey to bed. Plus Bailey grew up with Erik in her life and if I found someone else I would have to wait til I was sure about that person before introducing them to Bailey. It's just way to complicated when you are a single mom. The last thing I need right now is stress so I'm going to try not to think about it and instead focus that energy on my workouts and eating right so that when I do find Mr. Right that I am where I want to be physically and emotionally.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vacation update and fitness fail

Well first full day on the beach and it's gorgeous! A little hot but I can't complain! My daughter is loving the water and I'm loving getting tan! Well I went for a run last night with the girls in the family....made it about a quarter of a mile then bend pop and down I go! I thought my ankle was broke at first but as of today it appears to just be a sprain and bruised bone. Starting to walk more normally so hoping to get my work out in today. I shared a shrimp wrap with my mom for lunch yesterday and had Shakeology for dinner. Woke up this morning and weighed myself and was pleasently surprised to find I had actually lost two more pounds since Thursday! This was such a great motivation for me! I love when I see the results of my action! I feel so much better! I'm not bloated! I'm not tired! I'm loving vacation but I'm excited to get back to working on my BeachBody business when I get home! I think I'll switch to P90X when I have my surgery though and work on my upper body since I'll be non-weight baring on my left foot. Oh and my new favorite snack/dessert is frozen grapes! It's like candy!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Vaca Day 1...Turbo Day 5

I so debated all day doing this workout. It's 100 degrees in Gardendale, AL right now and the last thing I WANTED to do was TurboFire's longest workout in a small gym filled with windows and only one working air conditioner. I laid there as Bailey fought sleep and thought I'll just do two tomorrow...but was I really going to want to do two tomorrow on our first day at the beach...hell no. So I asked my mom to put Bailey to bed and I marched downstairs to the "fitness Center" aka three broke machines and a highly outdated treadmill. I popped in Fire 55 and pushed play...about 20 minutes...scratch that...2 minutes in I wanted to die. Did I quit? No I finished all except maybe 10 minutes because this lame thing closes at like 9:30. Now I have to figure out how to sneak into the room...into the shower...into my bed...without waking a two year old...ugh.
As for diet I did alright. I had my normal shake for breakfast, coffee at the gas station, a few walnuts for snack as we went. Grilled Chicken and Vegetables for lunch...the sour cream is where I messed up here. Then for dinner I grabbed a grilled chicken salad with vinegrette dressing and yogurt. I didn't even eat a single piece of pizza which is major self control for me and something I wouldn't have even been able to do a year ago! Well high hopes for tomorrow...we go to a famous Pecan Shop with all the "samples" aka "temptations" in the favorite beach hangout restaurant for lunch, then finally the grocery store to grab my healthy necessities for the weak so I can atleast have some nutrition! Bed Time!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 4

Why did I have to decide to get 100% commited the week that I'm sick? If you would have asked me if I was going to do today's workout like 3 months ago on a week like this I would have said "No I'm too sick". Now I have people keeping me accountable, not that I don't think they would understand with Tonsillitis and a Migraine but I wouldn't be able to stand telling them I didn't do it because my throat is a little sore and my head hurts. So when I get off at 11 tonight I'm going home, pushing play, and letting Chalene kick my you-know-what.
Another thing I've debating...taking my TurboFire on vacation with me. 12 of us stay in a 4 bedroom house on the beach I got to wondering if I would have enough room to do it...but I will it was just an excuse popping in to my head. Plus maybe I can do it on the deck and get my family to do it with me! I'm also going to try and run each morning. The difficult part of that is I will be staying in a room with my aunt and daughter and really don't want my daughter to wake up while I am gone and my aunt have to wake up early and take care of her. But maybe I can get my mom to have the monitor while I am gone. I also wondered if people would be mad at me for taking an hour to and hour and a half out of our day each day of vacation to workout. However, if they are really my family and really love me they will respect my decision to get healthy and honor that.
I weighed myself this morning and I'm down 5 lbs! Thats only after 3 days of turbofire and Shakeology! It would be amazing if this could be the first year in 12 years that I actually LOSE weight on vacation! I'm going to try my best, just hoping my family's restaurant decisions cooperate!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So I've tried blogs before and just stopped but third time's the charm right? I'm a 21 year old mom of a 2 year old daughter who is my world. About a year ago I joined BeachBody and loved it! I was an emerald coach, lost 30 pounds, and was feeling great. Then in October of 2010 I was diagnosed at the age of 21 with 4 different back conditions, told I couldn't lift more than 10 pounds (aka my daughter couldn't be held by her mother), and lost my job due to it. I was depressed to say the least! On top of all of this my relationship with my fiance was starting to fall apart. I fought for the two months it was crumbling and a year later from the day we got engaged, almost to the hour, he left me. Depression wasn't even describing my state of mind anymore. I was done. I felt I lost everything. I had lost 50-70% of my income and basically what I thought was going to be my family. I now had to figure out how to manage financially with a new apartment, my own bills, etc. on my maybe 800 a month. I had to quit BeachBody in October when I lost my job because one I didn't have enough time and even though I was breaking even I still couldn't do it. So I didn't have my BB family to rely on. Well after 2-3 months of sapping around and gaining all 30 pounds back due to lack of activity and depression, I knew what I had to do, I needed BB again. So I signed up. At first I was energized and on fire. I started the shakes again but was scared to workout because of my back even though I had been released from my restrictions. I got a job at the Y so I started slowly working out there. Then I decided to start TurboFire again, yeah Sam good idea pick the most intense workout to begin with, but I owned it already and I couldn't imagine anything more motivating to me at the time then Chalene Johnson's voice. So I pushed Play. The first week I made it through one day. The second week two days. Now my off and on third week I'm proud to say I'm on day 3 and don't plan to stop. It took a while to work back up to the fitness level but did I quit? No....and I won't til I'm done. This time I wrote down goals and have pasted them throughout my house. 1) A size 4 by the time I walk across the stage at Millikin Graduation. 2) Diamond by Summit 2012 3) car payment and cable ($300) in BB income by Jan. 1 2012 (fyi my coach who started about the same time I did a year ago, will probably hit 100,000 this year)4) put $2,000 in an IRA every year starting 2013 and finally 5) work part time after my 5 years are up at Memorial Medical Center ($30,000 in BB income per year or more). So there you have it now the world (or the 2 people who read this) know and can keep me accountable! Do you wanna run this race with me side by side? Let me know at