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Friday, August 5, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

My Best Friend Brittany's wedding is coming up in a week. My daughter is her flower girl and we are both super excited. I went shopping for a dress last night and love the dress but realized I need to really focus on my diet and exercise this week so that I feel good in the dress. So here is my plan. I'm going to do a shakeology cleanse on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday next week. I'm only going to drink water and Shakeology, aka no pop, sugary coffee etc. I'm going to try and do Hip Hop Abs or modified workouts every day! If it works like it usually does I could lose up to 10 pounds in the next week! That would be super exciting and I would feel much better in the dress that I love. This is a reminder that no matter how far in advance you know about a special event you should start preparing right away! You never know how quickly that event will sneak up on you!

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