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Sunday, July 10, 2011

30 Day Challenge Count Down

Hi All! I'm so excited because in 2 hours we officially launch the 30 day Summer Shakedown Challenge! This is 30 days on one on one motivation, support, and education about health and fitness. At the same time it's a competition to win a prize at the end, plus get the benefit of better health and wellbeing! I'm excited because at the end of this 30 days is my friend Brittany's wedding! I'm so looking forward to wearing a cute dress and feeling comfortable in it! Plus Bailey is the flower girl so I'm going to have to be in front of people trying to help her! The thing that I have learned in the past few weeks is how to get over temptation. It's amazing how just changing your eating habits for three weeks can curve your cravings and help you feel better. I had been eating so healthy for the past week and a half especially, and then Saturday night I had finished my cleanse and I was hungry. I have migraines and hypoglycemia so sometimes the cleanse is hard for me. So I just wanted good thick food!!! So I ate food that was CRAP, and what did I feel like afterwards? CRAP!!! OMG I regretted every bite I put in my mouth. So no more of that! I don't crave sweets anymore...sweets for me now are either frozen grapes or dark chocolate squares. I love these treats and they don't break the calorie bank! I also love my dinners. I use the rule of 1/2 my plate being a veggie, 1/4 being a carb, and 1/4 being meat (about 3-4 oz). For example tonight

this was my dinner, the carb was the corn, veggie was the asparagus, and then I had 4 oz of grilled chicken. Then if you can't eat chicken alone like me, I use BBQ sauce...and thick BBQ sauce...this way you use less and BBQ sauce isn't highly caloric!! This was sooooo filling and tasty!!! I also watch the FOOD might think this just makes me hungry and I eat more...but I watch it to learn how to make delicious dishes with substitutes to make it more healthy! You'd be surprised that many of the shows show great ways and different ways to make vegetables! Also watch the portions they use...they are much smaller than we are used to in America...but they are what we are suppose to eat!! So if you want lasagna go for it...but eat the RIGHT portion. I perfer to eat MORE food like a huge salad...than a small piece of lasagna. Or I'll pick one meal to eat less and plan small snacks around it that are low calorie but filling. Like grean beans with spray butter and steak seasoning. It's about 70 calories and a huge portion. Great idea to add to a small meal! Message me on FB for more ideas or help! I would love to know your goals and where you are in life!

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