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Friday, July 1, 2011

Bonus Post

Ok so I know I posted today already about the Shakedown Challenge. I had this come up today though and thought it was super important to share. A big part of getting healthy for most people is working out and eating right, but that's not the only thing. I could know that is what is going to get me in shape but my attitude and personality will decide if I succeed. That is why I believe personal development is the biggest factor in your getting healthy success. Positive attitude is what attracts people to you and is what makes you feel good about your life and about your self. If you feel like crap and you are always down, you are less likely to push play and get up off the couch. I also use to think that I couldn't help being depressed and that it was just because of what I was handed. THAT IS THE OPPOSITE OF THE TRUTH. Perspective is everything. I could have sat there and been sad and not done anything. Truth is that my life is a lot better than some and I still have several blessings in my life. I call it "seeing the silver lining". I may have lost my fiance, but now that I look back on it the decision was one that had to be made and was a better choice for both of us. I lost my job, but I was able to find another with in a short period of time while others are still unemployed. I'm a single mother, but at least I have a family that supports me and my daughter is growing up knowing both her mother and father, when some kids don't grow up knowing their real parents at all. Being positive is a real struggle for me, but it's something I'm working on every day and getting better at. I'm not going to please everyone, but I can avoid hurting people. If you think the best of people you are giving them a chance til they prove you wrong. If you automatically judge you may miss out on something great with that person. Think of how much of a better place this world would be if people saw the glass half full and gave people a chance instead of dismissing them on presumptions. I can't change everyone but I can change my perspective on life.

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