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Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Boredum is Overtaking Me!

It's amazing how bored one can get sitting on the couch for four days straight. Movies don't entertain you anymore...books get old...facebook can only be updated so many times. So I'm taking this time to do some research...on diets, BB workouts, and more. I've learned alot. Most of the information I already knew but is refreshing to hear again. I have more confidence now that I can accomplish my goals and that it won't be as hard as it may have seemed at first. Before the surgery I was having issues with my diet. I knew the foods I needed to eat but I had problems with my calorie goal. I thought that I couldn't be full in the calorie goal that I set for myself. In the past four days I haven't gone over 1000 calories a day. Now that is no where close to the amount of calories I need to eat on a normal day where I am walking and working out. Not once in the four days have I been "hungry". So now if I added the 500-800 calories on a normal day there is no reason I should be starving at any point. The thing is finding foods that are low calorie but filling. Vegetables and fruits are key. Today I had a huge plate full of food...and only 250 calories on the plate. Why how? I had 3/4 of the plate full of green beans with spray butter and steak seasoning. The rest was 3 oz of salmon. It was so delicious, and filling. Eating slowly is another key to staying in calorie goals. If we eat fast our body doesn't have the time to process when you are full. So here is a way to make sure that happens. Drink one glass of water 30 minutes before a meal. Sip on the water in between every 1-2 bites during the meal. Then drink another glass after the meal. This way your body thinks it's full sooner and you can stop eating at the right time. Another way is to eat small meals several times a day. 6 meals at 200-300 calories each can keep you satisfied all day. This way you never are starving so you don't binge and go way over your calorie goal. The greatest tool I have found to help is the BodyBugg...I enter in my calories all day long, then about 6 I plug it in to see how many calories I've burned that day...if I'm not close to my 1000 calories deficit I'll go for a run, clean the house, or do TurboFire. If I have worked hard that day and I am there or above the deficit I'll treat myself to a movie or a hot bath as a reward. There are surprising ways I've been able to burn those extra calories as well! I'll turn on Barney and dance to the songs with my daughter, burns tons of calories and I get bonding time with her! Cleaning my bathroom, playing tag in the back yard, folding laundry at work...etc. There is never an excuse not to work out some. Trust me I'm sitting on a couch not able to walk but I'm still doing sit ups, arm curls, anything to keep my muscles in use! So get up and do something! It might not be a workout but moving burns calories!

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