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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


This is probably the biggest key factor in any success. Whether it's Network marketing, job hunting, relationships, or weight loss. You need someone by your side who is going to push you to do more, be more, and achieve more. Think about it, if you had to get on the phone every night and tell your best friend that you didn't do anything you were suppose to do that day, that would suck. You would feel like you were a failure. Now if you are competitive like I am there is another key to this. If you get on that call and your friend tells you she did 5 exposures about her business, did a 60 minute workout, ate clean, drank 8 glasses of water, 20 minutes of Personal Development, and spent an hour bounding with their husband. Then you have to turn around and tell her you only did 2 exposures, 20 minutes of exercise, had some pizza, drank only half your water, skipped your Personal Development, and didn't do anything with your friends or significant other. You would feel like he or she won. So every day I do the most that I can physically do so that I can get on that call with my success partner and at least feel like we did what we could do if not more! It challenges us to be better and that is something you need to do where ever you are in life. I bet you even the top people in Fortune 500 companies still have people who keep the accountable. I've had a sort of success partner in the past week and I have my Success Club Team Challenge Team that I have a weekly call with as well to keep me in check. Since I started that, in the past week, I have made so much progress with my business and myself! I'm eating better, exercising what I can, doing my personal development, getting my at least 2 exposures in a day, and staying on top of everything! I love how having someone there keeping me in check isn't a burden but a lift in my life! If you need someone to keep you accountable let me know! I'm starting a 30 day Summer Shakedown Challenge Monday and its all about accountability! I would love to have you join!

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