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Friday, July 1, 2011

30 Day Summer Shakedown Challenge

Ok so I'm writing this blog to explain something further that I'm doing on Facebook. It's a 30 day diet, exercise, and motivation challenge. I'm accepting 5 people to go through this with me. Each contestant gets a diet plan, picks out an exercise program, orders HD Shakeology, and gets daily motivation and accountability from me. At the beginning each person will send me their measurements and goals for the thirty days. I will give them a meal plan and they will commit to an exercise program. My upline Kristina Sullins will kick it off with a webinar next Thursday and the official challenge will start Monday July 11th. Each day the contestants will send me exactly what they ate and the exercises they did. I will text or call them with motivational quotes and words to get them through their day. I will help them tweak things along the way if I see red flags with any of their reports. At the end of each week they will send me new results and new goals for the next week. Those who reached their weekly goal will get a small prize. Then at the end of the thirty days the one with the most progress will get a bag of Shakeology or workout of their choice. On top of this, if for some reason they didn't like the Shakeology and it didn't help them they can return the empty bag and get their money back. I'm so excited so facebook me if you are interested!

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