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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Ok since I was probably about 13 years old I ALWAYS used a scale atleast twice a week if not more, especially when I was dieting. Well now that I just had foot surgery I realized that it is going to be almost impossible for me to weigh myself for FOUR WEEKS!!! AH! At first I was upset by this and a little scared because I think that if I don't know my exact number that it won't change. Then I realized that this could be a really exciting time. In four weeks if I keep to my normal goal and plan, I will have lost atleast 8 pounds. That would be so exciting to walk on to the scale and see. My resting metabolic rate is somewhere around 1800...this means doing almost nothing I burn that many calories in one day. So since I literally am doing NOTHING right now but laying on a couch, I've been aiming for 800-1000 calories a day. This will give me a deficit of 800-1000 calories a day...meaning about 2 pounds of weight loss a week (3500 calories= 1 lbs). Now once I'm not crying in pain everytime I move I will do arm exercises and anything else I can think of. When I set a calorie goal of 800 I started to freak out! How in the world could I stay satisfied with that little calories...EASY. It's day two of that calorie goal and I haven't been "starving" yet. I eat about 150 calories for breakfast, 300 calories for lunch, and 300 calories for dinner, leaving me about 50 calories (grapes) for a snack. I'm really surprised at how easy this has been! I've been worrying for months that I would put a ton of hard work into working out and weight loss and then go right back during the surgery...but it looks like the opposite is going to happen! yay!

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