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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Ok so I got a BodyBugg back on my birthday in October. I got it on ebay and couldn't get it to work online and I've procrastinated about calling the company to figure it out until today. So i got it figured out and all set up today and I must say...I love it! I can barely tell its on me and the online program is so helpful! So far all of the foods I have put in there have been in their database. It breaks down all my meals, my goals, my nutrition plan, and I get to plug it in every night and see how many calories I have burned. I also did wonderful on my nutrition today. Instead of eating huge meals I snacked on fruits, cheese, and nuts along with some other healthy foods all day and I stayed satisfied in my calorie limit! Also I've been using gum to curve my appetite when I know its just boredum or something else. Having all my vegetables and fruits ready to go at all times really helps! I'm so glad I spent a few extra bucks to get better foods for my body! Can't wait to try some new foods tomorrow that I bought! Of course Shakeology is still my favorite meal of the day :-)

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