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Friday, June 3, 2011

Vaca Day 1...Turbo Day 5

I so debated all day doing this workout. It's 100 degrees in Gardendale, AL right now and the last thing I WANTED to do was TurboFire's longest workout in a small gym filled with windows and only one working air conditioner. I laid there as Bailey fought sleep and thought I'll just do two tomorrow...but was I really going to want to do two tomorrow on our first day at the beach...hell no. So I asked my mom to put Bailey to bed and I marched downstairs to the "fitness Center" aka three broke machines and a highly outdated treadmill. I popped in Fire 55 and pushed play...about 20 minutes...scratch that...2 minutes in I wanted to die. Did I quit? No I finished all except maybe 10 minutes because this lame thing closes at like 9:30. Now I have to figure out how to sneak into the room...into the shower...into my bed...without waking a two year old...ugh.
As for diet I did alright. I had my normal shake for breakfast, coffee at the gas station, a few walnuts for snack as we went. Grilled Chicken and Vegetables for lunch...the sour cream is where I messed up here. Then for dinner I grabbed a grilled chicken salad with vinegrette dressing and yogurt. I didn't even eat a single piece of pizza which is major self control for me and something I wouldn't have even been able to do a year ago! Well high hopes for tomorrow...we go to a famous Pecan Shop with all the "samples" aka "temptations" in the favorite beach hangout restaurant for lunch, then finally the grocery store to grab my healthy necessities for the weak so I can atleast have some nutrition! Bed Time!

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