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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Set Backs and accomplisments

I am really trying lately not to focus on the road blocks I run into in life but to see the opportunities that are available to me. Last night my air went out and my arthritis flared up. I was in no condition to workout at all and I was so depressed! I was so ready to get back on the bandwagon after vacation and then I hit a road block. So instead of spending today sulking I used the extra time to work on my personal development and wow did that make my day better! I had such a great time at WORK!!! because I smiled, genuinely listened to people, made a positive out of every situation, and made a point to see the good in people. Then after I got to spend an enjoyable time with my daughter and was able to focus on her. After she left for her nap I went grocery shopping. Usually I hate this but I decided that since with my physical conditions exercise couldn't be a guarenteed consistency in my life, but nutrition could be. So I focused on the perimeter theory of shopping. This means that the best foods for you are usually on the perimeter of the story. Now you have to be smart about this because obviously the bakery, liquor, and processed meats section is not the cream of the crop, but fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, protein, and more are always found on the perimeter and not in the aisle. Now I am a single mom with four jobs and a full time student so I did grab a few frozen veggies and 1-2 meals for my busy days but mostly my cart was full of fresh fruits and vegetables and other goodies. A few finds are as follows: use hummus instead of cheese or mayo on your sandwiches and you can save 50-100 calories. Greek Yogurt is so much better for you and thicker so can be used to replace other additives. Grapes can be frozen for a sweet snack. Grape tomatoes with a little sea salt and EVO Oil taste delicious! Egg whites with turkey bacon make the most filling and energizing breakfast (besides Shakeology!). I love my fridge now and I can't wait to make all of the foods I've planned!

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