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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

and 5 days later...

Wow I can't believe I haven't posted in 5 days! It was a crazy weekend and I was sick for most of it! I'm in love with this new bodybugg system! I think I do more during the day just because I can't wait to see my deficit at night! Saturday was kinda rough, I went to see my ex, and the nurse mentioned the other girl and I blew up, I hate being reminded that I'm not his anymore. But, I can still be his friend to the best of my ability through this rough time for him, he doesn't need me freaking out on him and leaving his side completely right now. So I'm biting my lip and just remembering what I do have...a loving family, daughter, Beachbody family, my health back slowly but surely, a job or two lol, and almost a bachelor's degree with almost NO debt! No to my diet and weightloss. I found that weekends are my hardest. I'm not at home as much because of work and family stuff. I also went out on Saturday night and learned that alcohol calories can add up fast! Luckily I didn't binge eat too! I'm down 4-5lbs now since last Wednesday! I love to see progress! I also measured today and I've lost about 5 inches. I've been sick for the past few days so my eating pattern has been off and not as much physical activity which has brought down my calorie burn. I did run tonight which felt amazing! I did about 2 miles in 30 minutes...not the best but I was pushing a 35 lb kid in a heavy stroller and had to stop a few times thanks to a phone call and some nasty bugs attacking me and Bailey. According to my Bodybugg I was burning about 9cal/min though and I'm pretty happy about that! My BeachBody business is booming as well! I'm so excited to see people wanting to get serious about their health and weight loss! I'm not in this biz for the money...I'm in it to help my friends see the benefit of these products like I have! Money is always an issue for my friends and I can understand because I was there at one point too. I had to tell myself that my health was more important than my caramel macchiato and suck it up and make some financial adjustments! My health needed it too! I wasn't going to be found in a coma from low blood sugar, or overweight just because of a hormone imbalance, and I wasn't going to have my arthritis get worse because of the excess weight I was carrying around. I decided to join BeachBody because it is my family. The most important thing in life is to surround yourself with like-minded people. So I joined a group on the journey to be at their healthiest and happiest! They keep me in line and accountable and I couldn't ask for better friends! Wanna join me with them in Vegas next summer?

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