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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Work and Super Saturday

So I'm in my last two shifts of work at the Fairfield. It's not bitter's just sweet. I honestly feel so much negative energy when I walk in this place that I just want to leave. Negative energy is not what I need right now. So even though in the next 20 hours I will be working 14 of them, I'm celebrating because I know its the end of a very unpleasant journey. I know a job has to be bad when even my ex tells me I should just not show up because of all the crap they've put me through. He is usually the one saying its not that bad and I should just suck it up. Well anyways enough about the old job and on to the new or more like more full time job. I work at the YMCA in Decatur. It started off as just 8 hours a week in the beginning and I loved the positive energy and the fact that I was helping others reach their goals that I asked for more hours. Now I also work the front desk so I get to meet the members more personally and get to be so positive while I am there. I love the people that I work with too. I think that I have found as a general rule that people who work out have a more positive energy. They have something that they look forward to or at least they have goals in life. I had an extremely busy day today. It started off at 5 am and will last til I jump in bed probably around midnight tonight. I had Come Together, Let's Walk which is our local version of Race for the Cure this morning. My mom is a 2 year survivor of breast cancer and my aunt is a survivor as well. It was a great walk and its always emotional to see all the survivors and the people supporting them! Then I had to rush to meet a friend and drive to Normal, IL for the BeachBody Super Saturday event. This is an event held by local coaches and supported by BeachBody once a quarter. It's an opportunity to share the business and success stories with friends and family, as well as a learning opportunity for existing coaches. You also get to sample shakeology and there is a free workout (I've never had a workout like this!). This Super Saturday was focused around a recap of Summit which is our cooperate event held once a year and is huge! You get to workout with the trainers, shop, meet other coaches, and get to hear first hand about the new things coming for BeachBody! I'm so upset that I missed this year but I was one of the first to purchase my ticket for next year because I won't miss it for anything. The meeting was great and learned a lot about new things coming out. Then came the workout! Mark Briggs leads our workouts, he is a retired cop and a beast lol. He travels around the world with the creator of P90X and does Military trainings and infomercials. Well last year during this "fun" workout he made a girl pass out, so needless to say I was a little scared of what was to come. My great friend and coach, Lauren Knight was there and just having her perfect body in front of me kept me going. It was a brutual workout, moves I didn't think were possible! But I finished (had to modify and slow down at points but I pulled through). You know what? I thought I was going to be exhausted and suffer through my shift, but the workout actually gave me energy! I feel more energitic than I do on a normal day! And I love the feeling after working out....its like a great feeling radiating through your muscles and you feel better about your body! Thats why I want to help other people workout and achieve their goals, cause the feeling is something you can't get elsewhere! Now I wish I had time for my Shakeology today, but I guess I'll have to double up tomorrow! Something I don't have a problem with!

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