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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So I've tried blogs before and just stopped but third time's the charm right? I'm a 21 year old mom of a 2 year old daughter who is my world. About a year ago I joined BeachBody and loved it! I was an emerald coach, lost 30 pounds, and was feeling great. Then in October of 2010 I was diagnosed at the age of 21 with 4 different back conditions, told I couldn't lift more than 10 pounds (aka my daughter couldn't be held by her mother), and lost my job due to it. I was depressed to say the least! On top of all of this my relationship with my fiance was starting to fall apart. I fought for the two months it was crumbling and a year later from the day we got engaged, almost to the hour, he left me. Depression wasn't even describing my state of mind anymore. I was done. I felt I lost everything. I had lost 50-70% of my income and basically what I thought was going to be my family. I now had to figure out how to manage financially with a new apartment, my own bills, etc. on my maybe 800 a month. I had to quit BeachBody in October when I lost my job because one I didn't have enough time and even though I was breaking even I still couldn't do it. So I didn't have my BB family to rely on. Well after 2-3 months of sapping around and gaining all 30 pounds back due to lack of activity and depression, I knew what I had to do, I needed BB again. So I signed up. At first I was energized and on fire. I started the shakes again but was scared to workout because of my back even though I had been released from my restrictions. I got a job at the Y so I started slowly working out there. Then I decided to start TurboFire again, yeah Sam good idea pick the most intense workout to begin with, but I owned it already and I couldn't imagine anything more motivating to me at the time then Chalene Johnson's voice. So I pushed Play. The first week I made it through one day. The second week two days. Now my off and on third week I'm proud to say I'm on day 3 and don't plan to stop. It took a while to work back up to the fitness level but did I quit? No....and I won't til I'm done. This time I wrote down goals and have pasted them throughout my house. 1) A size 4 by the time I walk across the stage at Millikin Graduation. 2) Diamond by Summit 2012 3) car payment and cable ($300) in BB income by Jan. 1 2012 (fyi my coach who started about the same time I did a year ago, will probably hit 100,000 this year)4) put $2,000 in an IRA every year starting 2013 and finally 5) work part time after my 5 years are up at Memorial Medical Center ($30,000 in BB income per year or more). So there you have it now the world (or the 2 people who read this) know and can keep me accountable! Do you wanna run this race with me side by side? Let me know at

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